Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Senior Citizens: Saved by San Diego Business Litigation Lawyers from Scams and Fraud

An event called Senior Scam StopperSM, which aims to educate senior citizens about financial scams, was spearheaded by California's state senator Ted Lieu last June 14. This event is intended to raise senior citizens' awareness on financial scams and investment fraud. As scam artists target unsuspecting or vulnerable people, they see senior citizens as fitting targets. While there are now modern ways that scam artists use to take your money, there are those who still do it the traditional way. That's why it's smart not to trust strangers claiming to be salespeople or contractors. These, and other important information on how to avoid scammers and swindlers, are the foci of the said event. But if you have already been scammed or conned, call for established business litigation lawyers in San Diego immediately. Equipped with the right knowledge, senior citizens can protect themselves from falling prey to scams and other exploits.


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