Friday, July 12, 2013

When to Call A Business Lawyer

It may be hard to succeed in business without the help of a business lawyer. Like other key-players such as accountants and top executives, a business lawyer plays a significant role in keeping the company's fortunes stable. The business lawyer's responsibility ranges from performing “due diligence” to defending a company from lawsuits. Here are some cases that typically require the services of a business lawyer.

Special Allocation

A company run by several entities usually divides profits according to a specific agreement among the parties involved. If a certain situation requires a profit division method that's different from the existing agreement, a special allocation can be called for. With the help of a business lawyer, the entities can draw up a new agreement and divide profits among themselves without rousing conflict.

Environmental Issues

The various tasks and obligations that come with managing a business can be quite daunting, especially when it comes to environmental issues. Companies should therefore be proactive when it comes to compliance with environmental regulations. In this regard, skilled business lawyers can provide much-needed expertise to minimize the risk of litigation for failure to follow environmental laws.

Law Suits

No business is ever perfect, and every company will have its fair share of management flaws. In severe cases, employees may file discrimination or harassment lawsuits against a company. The company will need to hire a business lawyer for representation, defense, or settlement.


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